Rahul Gandhi accuses PM Modi of pushing Privatization Agenda & neglecting price rise issues

Ashoknagar (MP), November 9: In a direct attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi alleged on Thursday that Modi aims to privatize everything and has waived a staggering debt of Rs 14 lakh crore for industrialists while failing to address the issue of rising prices. Speaking at a rally in Ashoknagar, a district in election-bound Madhya Pradesh, Gandhi criticized the Prime Minister for accusing the Congress of not aiding the impoverished. He questioned Modi’s actions for the underprivileged over the past decade and referenced a video allegedly showing BJP leaders disrespecting a tribal youth.

Rahul Gandhi accused Modi of making contradictory statements, citing a recent claim by the Prime Minister that India has a single caste – the impoverished – while also identifying himself as an OBC member. Gandhi emphasized the need for a caste census to address the lack of representation for OBCs, Dalits, tribal communities, and General Category members in key positions.

The Congress leader accused the BJP of spreading hatred, creating divisions between Hindus and Muslims, and fostering caste-based rifts. He highlighted the struggles of Madhya Pradesh’s farmers, stating that they are not receiving fair prices for their produce and are burdened by debt. Gandhi claimed that crop insurance amounts were not received, and 16 companies were given Rs 30,000 crore, with a significant portion earned through GST.

Rahul Gandhi concluded by asserting that no farmer took their own life in Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh, contrasting it with the challenges faced by farmers in Madhya Pradesh.

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