Congress-RJD conspiring to implement religion-based reservations says Modi

Araria, April 24,2024 : Warning against Congress and RJD’s conspiracy to implement religion-based reservations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday alleged that the Congress has “stolen” OBCs reservations and
transferred the benefits to Muslims in Karnataka. While addressing a rally at Forbesganj in Araria of Bihar to garner support for NDA candidates in Araria and Supaul Lok Sabha seats, Modi said the Congress wishes to replicate
Karnataka model in the rest of the country, including Bihar, and alleged that RJD, its ally, did not utter a word against the move. Belonging to an OBC and poor family, Modi said he can easily understand and feel the agony of
the section adding that the Congress led INDI alliance will loot reservations for SCs and STs as well. PM Modi criticized Congress and RJD for their appeasement politics and highlighted instances of discrimination against Hindus for the benefit of their vote bank. He said, “Parties like Congress and RJD have sunk so deep into the quagmire of appeasement that even the Constitution doesn’t hold any meaning for them.” He urged the media to raise awareness about this issue and criticized the INDI alliance government for its divisive policies. “Today, another old video of Manmohan Singh has surfaced where he is again saying that Muslims have the first right to the country’s resources. I urge the media to make people aware of this video and discuss it. The country should also know what mentality the Indian coalition government has been running the country for 10 years.” “I say poor people have the first claim on the country’s resources. Congress, RJD and their allies say the first claim is of their vote bank ( Muslims)”,Modi said reiterating that Congress manifesto has the imprint of the “Muslim League”, and exposes the “injustice towards Hindus”. “Congress wants to impose heavy taxes even on the salary of youth, on their earnings, on the earnings of small businesses,” he alleged. The grand old party also do not want the people to bequeath their property to their children, Modi alleged and read a slogan ( popular in LIC’s
policies) “Congress ki loot, zindagi ke saath bhi zindagi ke baad bhi”.

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