Vice-President Dhankhar applauds growth of Traditional Sports in National Games

 New Delhi, November 9, 2023 In a commendation of the evolving sports landscape, Vice-President of India,  Jagdeep Dhankhar, praised the increased diversity of sports in the latest edition of the National Games. He specifically highlighted the inclusion of traditional sports, emphasizing their role in rejuvenating Indian culture. With optimism, he envisioned these traditional games gaining rightful recognition on the global Olympic stage.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the 37th edition of the National Games, the Vice-President observed a notable shift in parental attitudes toward sports. He remarked that the days of concern about children’s extensive involvement in sports are gone, as sports now stand as a crucial avenue for the expression of human genius.

Vice-President Dhankhar acknowledged the pivotal role of national leadership in guiding athletes and contributing to India’s bid to host the Olympics in 2036. He also commended the ‘Khelo India’ initiative, which has resulted in the establishment of stadiums in villages. Dhankhar emphasized, “Only if India is Fit, it can move ahead,” underlining the importance of fitness and sports in the country’s progress.

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