Parliament security breach linked to ‘Unemployment’ and ‘Inflation’, alleges Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Dec 16, 2023- Former Congress President and Member of Parliament, Rahul Gandhi, took a critical stance against the BJP-led Central government on Saturday, attributing the recent security breach in Parliament to issues of unemployment and inflation.

Addressing media queries regarding the breach, Rahul Gandhi asserted, “There was a Parliament security breach, but the reasons behind it are unemployment and inflation.” He went on to express concern about the desperation among the youth, citing unemployment as a major national issue. Rahul attributed the challenges faced by the youth in securing employment to the policies implemented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In connection with the security breach, five individuals were arrested. During Zero Hour proceedings, two persons jumped from the Lok Sabha visitor’s gallery into the chamber, releasing yellow smoke from canisters. The arrested individuals, including the intruders and those involved in a similar protest outside the parliament building, are now in custody.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Rahul Gandhi emphasized the urgent need to address unemployment issues and criticized the government’s approach to economic policies.


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