Rahul Gandhi set to galvanize MP with election rallies

Bhopal, Nov 14, 2023- Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is slated to make his mark in Madhya Pradesh today with two key election rallies in support of party candidates. The party disclosed that Gandhi will address a public gathering in Vidisha at 12 noon to bolster Congress candidate Shashank Bhargava. Following this, at 2 pm, he will lend his support to party candidate Chandarani Gaur in Khargapur, Tikamgarh.

Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi undertook a spirited two-kilometer-long roadshow in Bhopal, rallying support for the party candidates. As the state approaches the last day of campaigning tomorrow, the anticipation builds for the crucial polls scheduled for November 17. The election results are expected to be unveiled on December 3.

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