PM Modi accuses Congress of Power Lust in Madhya Pradesh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Accuses Congress of Power Lust and Decries Destructive Mindset in Madhya Pradesh

Khandwa, November 5- In a fiery address at a rally in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi leveled scathing criticism at the Congress, describing the party as “power-hungry, selfish, and conspiratorial.” He drew a parallel between the Congress’s mentality and the colonial-era policy of divide and rule, suggesting that Congress members were behaving erratically and obsessively in their pursuit of forming a government in Madhya Pradesh.

Modi went on to assert, “The Congress has a voracious appetite to turn Madhya Pradesh into its personal ATM machine. Their relentless quest for power, often driven by opportunism and looting, must be halted decisively by the electorate. This destructive mindset must be eradicated for the greater good.”

The Prime Minister emphasized that the Congress, having been out of central power for a decade, was now casting covetous eyes on every state, fueling their desire for control. He playfully remarked that in states ruled by the Congress, there was a continual competition to see who could amass more power and influence – be it the Chief Minister or the Deputy Chief Minister. Modi also accused the Congress of not only stalling development but also sowing discord within its ranks.

Drawing attention to the prevalence of arrogance, the rise of mafia elements, corruption, and appeasement politics in Congress-ruled states, Modi specifically cited instances in Rajasthan and Karnataka. He cautioned the public to exercise caution and vigilance when dealing with the Congress, warning that the party had contributed to the decline of Madhya Pradesh into a state lacking in development and progress.

These remarks by Prime Minister Modi were delivered during his visit to Khandwa, addressing the political landscape in Madhya Pradesh, a state currently gearing up for important elections that will determine its future leadership and governance.

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