CM Yogi’s decision to cancel exams receives overwhelming support from youth, #YogiWithYouth takes social media by storm

Students demanding cancellation of exams express happiness over CM Yogi's decision

Lucknow, February 24 , 2024- Following CM Yogi’s announcement on Saturday morning regarding the cancellation of the police recruitment examination due to the question paper leak, candidates statewide celebrated the decision. Those who had been demanding the cancellation expressed their happiness and gratitude towards CM Yogi for prioritizing the interests of the youth by taking this decisive action.

As soon as the announcement was made, students took to social media to express their appreciation. Numerous hashtags supporting CM Yogi gained momentum, with #YogiWithYouth emerging as the top trend. Through this hashtag, students justified CM Yogi’s decision and lauded the government for prioritizing the interests of the youth. Additionally, CM Yogi’s post regarding the exam cancellation quickly gained traction, reaching over 10 lakh views by 6 pm.

It is noteworthy that on Saturday, CM Yogi, demonstrating his zero-tolerance policy in cases like question paper leaks, not only canceled the examinations but also reprimanded the officials involved in the recruitment process and issued instructions to conduct the examinations with complete transparency within 6 months.

UP mein Baba Ba

After the cancellation of the Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment Examination, a significant number of candidates across various cities in the state, including Lucknow, welcomed it. The excited students thanked the Chief Minister for listening to the voice of the youth, posting “CM Yogi Zindabad” on social media platforms.

A student in Lucknow remarked, “CM Yogi has taken into account the opinions of lakhs of students, and for this, we are thankful to him. Our demand is that the Yogi government not only conduct a re-examination in a transparent manner within 6 months but also impose strict punishment on those responsible for leaking the paper.”

Another student posted, “The decision of CM Yogi is commendable. We hope that Yogi will continue to lead our state in the future.” Yet another student expressed happiness, stating, “UP mein ka ba, UP mein baba ba.”

Reflecting on the state government’s decision, a student remarked, “The state government has made the right decision considering the future of the youth. We hope that the government will not only take steps to address the shortcomings but also conduct examinations with complete transparency and integrity.”

Social media abuzz with #YogiWithYouth

After the paper was canceled, several hashtags began trending on social media platform X in support of CM Yogi’s decision. Notably, #YogiAdityanath, #DhanyawadYogiji, and #YogiWithYouth gained significant traction, with #YogiWithYouth even claiming the top spot in the trend list. Thousands of students utilized this hashtag to express their happiness over the Yogi government’s decision and to commend CM Yogi for his support of the youth.

Shrey Pathare wrote, “Hearty thanks to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji for ensuring fairness by ordering re-conducting of the police recruitment examination and investigating alleged rigging in the RO and ARO examinations. Yogi government stands with the youth.”

Mukesh wrote from his handle, “Yogi Adityanath ji’s government listens to the demands of the youth. Thank you Yogi ji for immediately canceling the police recruitment exam.”

Ganesh emphasized, “Yogi Adityanath signifies honesty and justice. It is due to his zero-tolerance policy towards injustice that he has provided justice to the youth by ordering strict action on paper leaks. That’s why people are expressing their gratitude to Yogi ji. Uttar Pradesh is fortunate to have such a Chief Minister.”

Diwan remarked, “This is a government that listens to students and safeguards their interests, while dealing harshly with culprits.”

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