D.A.V. Public School, Sector-37, Faridabad Pre-Primary Segment Hawan & Orientation Programme- 26.03.2024

Faridabad, 29 March, 2024- The Pre-Primary Segment of D.A.V. Public School, Sector-37, Faridabad conducted an auspicious Yajna ceremony in the school Yagyashala on March 26,2024 to mark the inauguration of the new academic session 2024-2025 and to seek the prime blessings of the Almighty. Principal Ms. Deepti Jagota and all the teachers of Pre-Primary segment and new parent fraternity marked their presence on this special day. ‘Aahutis’ were put in the Hawan Kund while chanting the sacred mantras.   Principal Ms. Deepti Jagota gave her heartfelt wishes to the students and gave an insight into the principles and rituals of Arya Samaj which help us to connect extensively to life and lead us to the desired path of self fulfillment”. Arya Samaj has been contributing a lot to education and by incorporating the Vedas in our life we can experience the eternal happiness, pleasure and respect. Prasad was also distributed at the end.

An Orientation Programme was organized for the parents of students who will be joining in the new academic session 2024-2025 to give a platform to get acquainted with the school and its ethos.

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