AAP MP Sanjay Singh has claimed that the new NDA government will collapse within a year

AAP MP Sanjay Singh has pointed to historical instances where NDA governments faced short-lived tenures, with one lasting only 13 days and another collapsing within 13 months. He predicts a similar fate for the new government under Narendra Modi’s leadership, asserting that it will not meet the expectations of NDA constituents.

Reacting to the formation of Modi government 3.0, Mr. Singh claimed during a press conference in Prayagraj that the new government would collapse within a year. He expressed skepticism about Modi’s ability to fulfill the expectations of NDA constituents, suggesting that Modi would continue his approach of fragmenting political parties.

Sanjay Singh addressed TDP and JDU, advising them to elect their own Speaker to maintain their party integrity, implying that without doing so, their MPs might defect to the ruling coalition.

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