Why is Congress kind to Dheeraj Sahu by making him Rajya Sabha MP thrice? _ Dr. Archana Gupta

Panipat, 10 December 2023- Cash worth Rs 250 crore and 3 suit cases of jewelery have been recovered from Congress Party MP Dheeraj Sahu. It should be told from where an MP has so much money and what is its source. This is the largest recovered amount in history till date. Why are Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi maintaining silence on this? District BJP President Dr. Archana Gupta said this while addressing a press conference at PWD rest house.
Dr. Archana Gupta questioned the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi and said that Dheeraj Sahu, who had lost the Lok Sabha elections twice, was shown so much favor that he was made a Rajya Sabha member thrice.
Dr. Archana said that Dheeraj Sahu also makes country liquor.
Dr. Archana took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi and said that Rahul Gandhi’s love shops are running out of currency notes due to corruption.
Dr. Archana expressed apprehension that when Congress is included in the alliance in Jharkhand, there is so much corruption, then in Karnataka, they have a clear majority government, there can be even bigger corruption.
Expressing another apprehension, Dr. Archana said that this could happen if assembly elections were held in three states and if hung assemblies were formed then this money could have been used to buy MLAs.
Dr. Archana demanded from the Congress Party to expel Dheeraj Sahu from Congress and Rajya Sabha.
Dr. Archana Gupta said that Modi has said that she will root out corruption. She is moving forward with the same determination.
The press conference was conducted by District BJP Media Head Ish Kumar Rana. In the press conference, Sanjay Chhoukar, Lokesh Nangru, Ravindra Bhatia, Ish Kumar Rana, Mahavir Singh Dahiya, Deepak Saluja, Vishal Goswami, Sunita Goyal, Pandit Pankaj Sharma Jasmer Kadian Ravindra Nagpal etc. were present .

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