Prime Minister Modi accuses Congress of neglecting armed Forces & Denying OROP Benefits

Morena , November 8 – In a public address at the headquarters of Chambal division, Prime Minister Narendra Modi saluted the bravery of the Indian Armed Forces while alleging that successive Congress governments had kept the military reliant on foreign weapons. He further accused them of depriving soldiers stationed on the border of improved facilities and denying the benefits of One Rank One Pension (OROP) to ex-servicemen.

Modi stated, “It is imperative for today’s youth to comprehend that the Congress always played with the vital sphere of national security. After the attainment of Independence, one of the first scams perpetrated by the Congress was in the defense sector.”

Highlighting the capabilities of the present-day indigenously-equipped Indian Army, Modi emphasized that it delivers a fitting response to terrorists in their own language and even operates within militant territories.

Regarding OROP, he said, “Everyone knows full well that for four long decades, the Congress turned a deaf ear to our soldiers. Those bravehearts – who serve the nation with a burning passion and are willing to sacrifice everything for the cause – were distraught vis-à-vis the Congress’ attitude.”

Modi further criticized the Congress’s allocation of a mere Rs 500 crore for OROP, labeling it as dishonesty. He contrasted this with his administration’s efforts, stating, “In stark contrast, OROP became a reality under my dispensation, and ex-servicemen across the country have already received Rs 70,000 crore.”

He also alleged that during the Congress regime, Indian soldiers’ heads were severed and taken away by extremists while the government did little in response, even appealing for foreign assistance to combat such threats.

This statement by Prime Minister Modi underscores the ongoing political debate surrounding defense policy and veterans’ benefits in India.

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