AAP launches Ram Rajya website to highlight its achievements

New Delhi, April 17, 2024 : Ahead Lok Sabha election, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday launched a website named “AAP ka Ram Rajya” to highlight the work done by Arvind Kejriwal led government across Delhi
and Punjab. Addressing a press conference jointly with party leaders Atishi, Saurabh Bharadwaj and
Jasmine Shah at the party headquarters here, AAP senior leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh said, “Today, on Ram Navami’s occasion, the AAP will launch a website called ‘AAP ka Ram Rajya’. What is the concept of Arvind Kejriwal’s Ram Rajya? This is the Ram Rajya that was discussed and fulfilled by Lord Shri Ram. Mahatma Gandhi wanted to implement it to bring equality. To fulfil the dreams of Ram Rajya, Kejriwal has done tremendous work in Delhi in the last ten years and has set an example for the entire country.” Emphasising that Arvind Kejriwal has done amazing work in Delhi to make the dream of Ram Rajya come true, Singh said that the CM has set an example for the entire country and the world. “This is the first Ram Navami when Arvind Kejriwal is not with us, he is in jail. He keeps sending his messages from jail, he keeps worrying about the people of Delhi and the country, he keeps
informing us through letters and through his messages about what should be done for them,” the
Rajya Sabha MP added. Alleging the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of hold feelings of revenge against Kejriwal, he said, “Baseless cases were made against him (Arvind Kejriwal).” Highlighting the work done by Kejriwal government in health, education, electricity and water, Singh said, “Earlier, people used to give America’s example for good schools and hospitals, but today, the entire world gives examples of Kejriwal’s model of schools and mohalla clinics.” “We are determined to fulfill our vision on the ground of Ram Rajya. And those who want to see
our vision of Ram Rajya must visit our website, what work we have done in Delhi, what work we have done in Punjab. People should see that work, know about it and then join us,” he said. AAP leader Atishi said, “The website reflects CM Arvind Kejriwal’s nine years of dedicated work to fulfill the promises made to the people of Delhi and Punjab.” “Lord Shri Ram had to struggle to give real shape to Ram Rajya. He went into exile for 14 years but did not break his promise. Similarly, Arvind Kejriwal has to struggle a lot to fulfill his promise. Despite facing obstacles such as the Central Government’s attempts to hinder the work of the elected Delhi government and efforts to diminish its power through legislation, CM Kejriwal has remained steadfast. His arrest in a false case is seen as a consequence of this ongoing struggle,” she said. Bharadwaj said, “website has hundreds of videos, testimonies, and witnesses of the Ram Rajya that Arvind Kejriwal wants to create in Delhi, Punjab, as well as the entire country.” Shah attacked BJP, stating, “The biggest agony of the Bharatiya Janata Party is that a new party (AAP) is continuously working for the welfare of people, while they have always run a government of corruption.” “To streamline all the work we (AAP) have done under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal has now been streamlined and is now available on this website. The information related to the development was earlier quite scattered and distributed but it has now been organized and managed on this website,” he added.

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