Rotary Club Panipat Royal organizes Medical Mission to Mozambique

Panipat, April 14,2024– The Member of Parliament, Mr. Sanjay Bhatia, lauded the Rotary Club’s international medical mission, emphasizing the universal value of humanitarian service. He stated that service, akin to affection and respect, cannot be bound by any constraints, resonating with the inherent spirit of service and ethics ingrained in every citizen of India. The Mozambique Medical Mission was meticulously outlined by Rotarian Raman Anand.

Anand revealed that the team would carry approximately 1000 kilograms of medicines and equipment for the mission. District Governor of Rotary Club, Mr. Arun Bhongiya, disclosed that over 600 surgeries, OPDs, and training sessions would be conducted in Mozambique, with an estimated expenditure of nearly 9 million rupees. This mission marks the 44th international endeavor by Rotary International.

Legislator Pramod Vij expressed his desire to participate in such humanitarian missions, highlighting the scarcity of opportunities for service. Ranjit Bhatia, the Head of the Medical Mission Team, emphasized its unprecedented nature internationally, followed by a medical camp in Srinagar.

Dr. Karan Singh, Head of the Medical Team, along with Past Rotary Governors Ramesh Bajaj, Shashi Chadda, Sudarshan Chugh, Anil Bareja, and Prem Arora, were present at the occasion.

President Anita Mehra and Vice President Kanwar Ravindra Saini of Rotary Club Panipat Royal extended gratitude to all attendees, including Rahul Agarwal, Vipin Sardana, Vineet Sharma, Puneet Goyal, Arun Goyal, Sumit Mittal, Manmohan Agarwal, Ravi Dilawari, Jyoti Agarwal, and other esteemed citizens of the city.

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