CM Yogi Adityanath visits Kaushambi, participates in program of Maheshwari Prasad Intermediate College

Promote innovation among schoolchildren: Chief Minister

Kaushambi, December 27, 2023– Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasized the importance of schoolchildren excelling not only in academics but also in traditional handicrafts and sports.

During the ‘smriti diwas’ program for the late Devendra Nath Srivastava, founder manager of Maheshwari Prasad Intermediate College in Alamchand village, Kaushambi, the Chief Minister remarked that, in line with the National Education Policy, there is a need to focus on the skill development of children. He stated that our schools must transform into research centers to explore innovations that can contribute to the One District One Product initiative.

The CM praised the establishment of Inter College in Alamchand village by eminent advocate Devendra Nath Srivastava six decades ago to preserve the heritage of his ancestors.

The Chief Minister underscored that our ancient texts provide profound inspiration, emphasizing that knowledge is inseparable from faith. Expressing joy, he pointed out that out of the 2526 students, 1353 are girls enrolled in the school. CM Yogi regarded this as an auspicious sign.

The Chief Minister highlighted the teachings of the Gurus, urging students to uphold truthfulness and follow the path of Dharma. The Chief Minister expressed happiness over the fact that well-known personalities of the country, like the Vice Chancellor of Allahabad University and the Justice of the Supreme Court, are associated with this college. He commended their commitment to taking time from their busy schedules to be present among the students as mentors and parental figures. Addressing the students, he conveyed that greatness is not achieved suddenly but requires hard work, dedication, and devotion.

The Chief Minister also assured the school management that, keeping their needs in mind, various works will be carried out under Project Alankar. He stated that the government provides 75 to 90 percent assistance for the construction of any school that is financed by the government or is a government school under Project Alankar.

Appreciating the contributions of private institutions in the education sector, the Chief Minister encouraged students to visit the library alongside their regular curriculum, emphasizing the importance of gaining knowledge from new books. The Chief Minister also emphasized the importance of converting libraries into digital libraries and stated that the government will provide all possible assistance for this endeavour. The Chief Minister directed the District Magistrate to formulate a comprehensive action plan for higher education in Kaushambi, with a special focus on the higher education of girls. Additionally, he advised seeking guidance from the Vice Chancellor of Allahabad University for the successful implementation of this plan.

CM Yogi highlighted that when society takes the lead and the government follows, the nation becomes a global leader, continually setting new standards. He noted India’s achievements in various fields over the last nine years, particularly in sports, where new paradigms have been established.

He emphasized the need to provide a suitable platform for sports and cultural activities, noting that when talents are given the right opportunities, achieving significant goals becomes much smoother. He also appreciated the cultural programs organized in the school. The Chief Minister stated that the government is working with complete sensitivity towards education. Education is the foundation stone of a strong and capable nation.

Prior to this, Inter College students welcomed the Chief Minister with a welcome song on the school grounds. Following that, the college student instilled patriotism in everyone by singing the national song Vande Mataram. During this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath released a coffee table book related to the history of Allahabad University.

Simultaneously, Supreme Court Justice Vikram Nath welcomed Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, praising his determination to attend the event despite the inclement weather. He presented a memento prepared by the students of Fine Arts of Allahabad University to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

On this occasion, State Government Minister Swatantra Dev Singh, Allahabad University Vice Chancellor Prof. Sangeeta Srivastava, MP Vinod Sonkar, and Zila Panchayat President Kalpana Sonkar, among others were present.

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