Career Ladder for Growth of Youth # JP Malhotra @ TAP-DC

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achive” said

Faridabad, 27 December 2023– Mr. JP Malhotra CEO TAP-DC President DLF Industries Association talking to Apprentices as a part of feedback under STRIVE Project. In our fast- paced and ever- evolving professional world, it’s easy to forget the universal nature of humanity. But embracing collaboration and support is the key to unlocking your full potential.
Before founding Bhartiya Valves, I had the privilege of playing diverse roles across industries, professional and Industry Associations. These experiences gave me a broder perspective and a strong foundation for building my enterprise. Over the past two decades, we have helped over 200 enterprises optimise costs and embrace customer connect said Mr. JP Malhotra
However, this journey was not without challenges. We had to adapt to rapidly changing technology constantly. But the joy of serving our clients and the belief that we’re are making a difference kept me going .It is a reminder that we are all connected with a shared responsibility towards one another
Sharing his experiences, Mr. JP Malhotra remarked the throughout his career, he learned the importance of belief and maintaining a positive outlook. Networking is a game- changer, “allowing me to connect with like- minded individuals and build long- lasting relationships”. It is a constant reminder that our potential knows no bounds.
One must acknowledge the unwavering support of my family as a true pillar of my success. Family’s encouragement and belief in gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. My parents, too, have been instrumental in shaping my professional and leadership career, providing invaluable guidance and celebrating my achievements remarked Malhotra with choked emotions.
Youth aiming to grow should understand that we all need a robust support system to reach our full potential. Collaboration is the key to success in any field. We can achieve our professional goals and enjoy the journey by embracing open communication, forging strong relationships and maintaining a growth mindset. At the sametime, there is no end to learning and improvement which should be a constant practice.
Developing self- confidence is a crucial aspect of achieving success. Without belief in oneself and one’s abilities, taking risks, seizing opportunities, and overcoming obstacles becomes challenging. Referring to his Book, “5 Ways To take care of One Hundred Fifty Corponate Situations”, Mr. JP Malhotra remarked that every individual must practice SWOT analysis and PDCA- Plan Do Check Analyse, to know what steps be taken to go up the career ladder for growth.
Building self- confidence starts with acknowledging your accomplishments and strengths. Take time to reflect on your achievements and celebrate them, no matter how small they may seem a Success Mantra shared by Sh. JP Malhotra.

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