Correct information about the Pegasus purchase deal is not being shared in assembly: MLA Neeraj Sharma

Sanjay Chaturvedi

Chandigarh/Faridabad, December 19, 2023- MLA Neeraj Sharma from NIT constituency of Faridabad raised a question in Haryana Assembly on the visit of IPS officials visiting Israel in the year 2018. His question was that what was the objective of IPS officials visiting Israel and it met the investigating agency Mossad or not. The question was raised in the month of December 202, said Neeraj. In the reply to this question reply that he was given said that the 13 member delegation, led by the CM, went to Israel to project Haryana as the most appropriate investment opportunity, expecting a good investment can be attracted.

This tour to Israel was conducted on 6th May 2018. In his question on the visit of IPS officials, Neeraj has asked that while the visit of IPS officials was conducted, in reply to his question it was said that ‘yes, the report was to analyze the probabilities to have a more impact of the Haryana Police on the law and order, crime, security and secret jobs. Neeraj accused the state government of misleading the house by providing wrong information. He said that while on the earlier occasion it was informed that the delegation went to Israel to dig out investment for the state while in the answer to the same question again he has been informed that the visit of delegation was to explore technological advancement for upliftment of investigation facilities for Haryana Police. He said that while at the earlier occasion, the second part of the question that the delegation met with Mossad or not remains unanswered. However, this time the answer suggests that the delegation met Mossad. But changing the answer again and again creates suspicion over the government. However, he said, the intention of the government not providing correct information is still a puzzle for me.

He also spoke about the representation he made for reservation of 75% of jobs for residents of Haryana in private sector. He said that on his raising the question on the number of appeals made in the matter of reservation in private sector for residents of Haryana, the CM replied that in the matter of cases filed to oppose the 75% reservation there are only 30 cases pending with the high court. In these cases the advocates that were present in the high court to oppose the civil writ filed against the 75% reservation included Baldev Raj Mahajan, Tushar Mehta, Jagbir Malik, Punit Bali in respective cases. Neeraj said that while on the one hand the government is proposing the 75% reservation bill and on the other it is being opposed in the court. He said that while the advocates opposing the proposed bill are appearing in court at every date, the advocate general was present in the court only once. He said that what more can be an example of negligence on the part of government be seen if the advocate general is not finding it important to appear in the case and present the case of government well to the court. He said that negligence of advocate general in this case is deferring the matter of providing jobs to the youth of the state.
Neeraj also spoke about he has also raised a question on the death of 22 people in Yamunanagar and Ambala district in November 2023 by consuming illicit liquor. He said that the matter of illicit liquor came into light in the year 2022-2023. However, the government has not made any comment in the assembly on the development in the case. He said that why the government is not making a statement in the assembly to let others know where this illicit liquor is being produced and who is making an advantage to the situation. He said that the distilleries need to be checked thoroughly as per the recommendations made by the committee that was constituted by the government itself. However, instead of going for inspection immediately, the instructions were put on hold. It is to be checked that who was behind holding the inspection. He said that it is only the formality of enquiry in the government and nothing goes beyond that. In spite of making so many allegations, the home minister of Haryana didn’t offer to reply on any of these allegations.

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