Former London Mayor Umesh Chandra Sharma’s spiritual journey across India

Discussed his upcoming pilgrimage plans with journalists, expressing deep reverence for India's spiritual sites

Faridabad, 23 March 2024– Renowned spiritual leader and former Mayor of London, Umesh Chander Sharma, is currently on a profound pilgrimage across India, spreading the message of peace and spirituality. After visiting the sacred Shri Siddheshwar Mahadev Temple in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, where he took part in the auspicious Homatmak Koti Shri Suryanarayan Mahayagya, former Mayor Sharma is now set to embark on a spiritual journey to Bhubaneswar and the revered Jagannath temple of Puri from 23rd to 25th March. In a candid conversation with journalists in Sector-14 of Faridabad, he shared his upcoming itinerary, expressing his deep reverence for Indian spiritual sites. He revealed plans to pay homage at the historic city of Ayodhya and offer prayers at the esteemed Shri Ram temple during his two-day visit. However, he also highlighted the alarming rise in the number of Indians falling prey to illegal immigration schemes promising false job opportunities in England. These deceptive practices, orchestrated by fraudulent agencies, exploit vulnerable individuals by extorting large sums of money, leaving them stranded and disillusioned upon arrival. Expressing his commitment to assisting those in need, he emphasized his efforts to provide aid and repatriation support to affected individuals. Through his organization’s initiatives, he ensures the safe return of victims to India, offering financial assistance amounting to three thousand pounds along with return tickets. Urging both public awareness and governmental intervention, he stressed the importance of combating such fraudulent activities and protecting vulnerable populations from exploitation. Furthermore, he illuminated his ongoing endeavors in London to foster a sense of community and spirituality among Indian expatriates. He highlighted the daily Bhandara organized at the Ram temple, providing sustenance to hundreds of individuals, predominantly Indian students. Additionally, he shared insights into the annual Geeta Utsav and upcoming Giri Yagya, events aimed at promoting Hindu culture and fostering spiritual growth within the diaspora community. He also highlighted the establishment of prayer centers at Heathrow Airport, facilitating religious worship for travelers of all faiths. With the support of the British government, his organization has established fourteen prayer centers across five terminals, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and religious tolerance.

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