PM addresses ‘Viksit Bharat Viksit Gujarat’ program

Inaugurates and performs Bhoomi Poojan of more than 1.3 lakh houses across Gujarat built under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna and other housing schemes

 New Delhi- 10 Feb 2024The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed ‘Viksit Bharat Viksit Gujarat’ program via video conferencing today. During the programme, the Prime Minister inaugurated and performed Bhoomi Poojan of more than 1.3 lakh houses across Gujarat built under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and other housing schemes. He also interacted with the beneficiaries of Awas Yojna.

Addressing the gathering, The Prime Minister expressed happiness that people from every part of Gujarat are connected with the development journey of Gujarat. He recalled his recent participation in Vibrant Gujarat which has completed 20 years. He praised Gujarat for organizing a grand investment event i.e. Vibrant Gujarat.

The Prime Minister underlined that a home owned by the poor is the guarantee of their bright future. But as time passesd by and families began to grow, the Prime Minister emphasized the government’s efforts to build new homes for every poor and mentioned about 1.25 lakh whose Bhoomi Pujan was carried out today. He congratulated all the families who received their new home today and wished them a bright future. Shri Modi stated, “When work of such scale comes to completion, the nation calls it ‘Modi ki Guarantee’ which means guarantee of fulfillment of the guarantee”.

The Prime Minister praised the organization of today’s programme where so many people assembled at more than 180 places in the state. “Your blessings in such large numbers further strengthen our resolve. Recalling the water scarcity of the region, the Prime Minister mentioned initiatives like Per Drop More Crop and drip irrigation which have helped agriculture in Banaskantha, Mehsana, Ambaji, and Patan. He said development efforts in Ambaji will give a huge boost to the number of pilgrims. He said that the broad Gauge line from Ahmedabad to Abu Road which had been pending since the British period will create a large number of jobs.

Speaking about his village Vadnagar, the Prime Minister touched upon the recently recovered ancient artifacts dated to 3,000 years old that have been drawing tourists in large numbers. He mentioned places like Hatkeshwar, Ambaji, Patan and Tarangaji and said that North Gujarat is gradually becoming a tourist center similar to the Statue of Unity.

Touching upon the successful organization of the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra in the months of November, December and January where Modi’s guarantee vehicle reached lakhs of villages in the country, the Prime Minister said that crores of people from Gujarat became associated with the Yatra. He lauded the government’s efforts in helping 25 crore people rise out of poverty in the country and also praised them for benefitting from schemes, managing the fund wisely and crafting their lives as per the schemes to beat poverty. The Prime Minister expressed confidence and urged the beneficiaries to come forward and support this initiative and contribute to uprooting poverty. Touching upon his interaction with the beneficiaries earlier today, the Prime Minister hailed their self-confidence which got a boost with their new homes.

The Prime Minister said, “Today’s time is the time of creating history.” He compared this time period with the time period of Swadeshi movement, Quit India Movement and Dandi March when freedom became the goal of every citizen. Creation of Viksit Bharat has become a similar resolution for the nation, he said. He highlighted Gujarat’s thinking of ‘National development through the progress of the State’. Today’s programme is part of Viksit Gujarat for Viksit Bharat, he added.

The Prime Minister noted the strides made by Gujarat in PM Awas Yojana and informed that more than 9 lakh houses have been constructed in the urban areas of the state. Under PM Awas – Gramin more than 5 lakh houses have been constructed in the rural areas. He said new technology is being deployed to ensure quality and rapid construction. He mentioned 1100 houses constructed under the Lighthouse project.

Prime Minister Modi reiterated that the construction of homes for the poor is taking place at a rapid pace when compared to the pre 2014 era. Pointing out the meager funding for the construction of houses of the poor and the leakages in the form of commissions etc. during earlier times, the Prime Minister said that the money transferred for homes of the poor is now more than 2.25 lakhs and is being transferred directly into their bank accounts, eliminating the middlemen. He also touched upon the freedom of building homes according to the needs of the families while also building toilets, tap water connections, supplying electricity and gas connections. “These facilities have helped the poor in saving money”, he said. PM Modi also emphasized that the homes are now registered in the name of women making them homeowners.

Reiterating that Yuva, Kisan, Mahila and the poor are the four pillars of Viksit Bharat, PM said that their empowerment is a top commitment of the government. He emphasized that ‘poor’ include every community. Benefit of the schemes is reaching everyone without any discrimination. “Modi has stood guarantee for those who had no guarantee”, he said. He also mentioned Mudra Yojna where entrepreneurs of every community can get collateral-free loans. Similarly, Viswakarmas and street vendors were provided with financial means and skills. “The biggest beneficiaries of every poor welfare scheme are Dalit, OBC and tribal families. If anyone has benefited the most from Modi’s guarantee, it is these families”, he said.

“Modi has given the guarantee of creating Lakhpati Didis”, the Prime Minister remarked, informing that the nation is already home to 1 crore Lakhpati Didis including a large number of women from Gujarat. He reiterated the government’s effort to create 3 crore Lakhpati Didis in the next few years and said that it will hugely empower poor families. He also mentioned ASHA and Aanganwadi workers who are now included under Ayushman Yojna in this year’s budget.

The Prime Minister underlined the government’s emphasis on reducing the expenses of the poor and middle-class. He mentioned free ration, inexpensive treatment facilities in hospitals, low-priced medicines, cheaper mobile phone bills, gas cylinders under Ujjwala Yojna and LED bulbs reducing electricity bills. PM Modi also touched upon the Rooftop solar scheme for 1 crore houses to reduce electricity bills and create earnings from the extra electricity generated. He informed that under the scheme, about 300 units of electricity will become free and the government will purchase electricity worth thousands of rupees every year. Speaking about the solar village built in Modhera, PM Modi said that such a revolution will now be witnessed in the entire nation. He also mentioned the government assisting farmers in setting up solar pumps and small solar plants on barren lands. He mentioned that work is also underway to provide a separate feeder to the farmers through solar energy in Gujarat allowing farmers to get electricity for irrigation even during the day.

Underlining that Gujarat has been identified as a trading state and its development journey getting a new impetus for industrial development, the Prime Minister said that the youth of Gujarat have unprecedented opportunities being an industrial powerhouse. Concluding the address, the Prime Minister said that the youth of Gujarat is taking the state to new heights in every sector today and assured everyone of the support of the double-engine government at every step.

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