International Workshop on Water Vapor Therapy for Prostate (Rezum) Conducted at ILSS Ashwani Hospital, Faridabad

Faridabad, 31 January, 2024– The ILSS Ashwani Hospital in Faridabad recently hosted an international workshop on Water Vapor Therapy for Prostate, also known as Rezum, on 31 January, 2024.
The workshop, aimed at advancing knowledge and techniques in the field of minimally invasive therapies for prostate conditions, welcomed Dr. Dean Elterman from Toronto, Canada, a pioneer in MIST (Minimally Invasive Surgical Therapies) for prostate treatment, as the distinguished international faculty.
The workshop was attended by 20 senior urologists from the Delhi NCR region, showcasing a strong interest in the latest advancements in prostate care. The highlight of the event was the successful operation of three patients suffering from enlarged prostates who were deemed high risk and not suitable candidates for conventional surgical treatments. The Rezum procedure, a cutting-edge technique utilizing water vapor therapy, proved to be effective in addressing their conditions with minimal invasiveness.

Throughout the workshop, delegates engaged in comprehensive discussions on the techniques and intricacies of the Rezum procedure, further enhancing their understanding and proficiency in this innovative approach to prostate treatment.
Dr. Tanuj Paul Bhatia, Chairman of Urology at ILSS, expressed his commitment to providing high-end treatments to the population of the region at reasonable costs, underscoring the hospital’s dedication to advancing healthcare accessibility and affordability.
Dr. Sumit More, Director of Urology, emphasized the numerous benefits of MIST therapies such as Rezum, including the need for minimal anesthesia, preservation of sexual function, and the outpatient nature of the procedure. These advantages not only enhance patient comfort but also contribute to faster recovery times and improved overall outcomes.
Dr. Prem Kumar, Chairman of Minimal Access Surgery, extended his congratulations to the team on the success of the workshop, highlighting the significance of collaborative efforts in advancing medical knowledge and patient care.
The International Workshop on Water Vapor Therapy for Prostate at ILSS Ashwani Hospital Faridabad served as a platform for medical professionals to exchange insights, enhance skills, and explore cutting-edge approaches in the management of prostate conditions, reaffirming the hospital’s commitment to excellence in healthcare delivery.

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