Uttar Pradesh CM Stresses Dialogue as Democracy’s Strongest Tool

Lucknow ,2 July 2024 :-  Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has underscored the significance of dialogue as a vital tool in democracy while addressing the 2023 batch of trainee IAS officers of the state cadre. Speaking at his official residence, Adityanath highlighted the need for these officers to stay connected with grassroots issues and address public concerns promptly to prevent discontent.

Adityanath advised the trainees to treat all public concerns with seriousness and integrity, emphasizing that no issue should be considered insignificant. He encouraged them to solve problems effectively to build a commendable reputation and earn public trust.

The Chief Minister also suggested that the officers dedicate an hour each day to listening to public concerns and engaging with local organizations. He emphasized the development of self-reliant model villages through community engagement, advocating for village-level prioritization and community labor to achieve meaningful and impactful results.

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