Blood Donation Camp organized at B.K. Public School in collaboration with Nav Prayas Seva Sangathan

Faridabad, 13 Jan 2024– A blood donation camp was organized at B.K. Public School on Nangla Road with the support of the Nav Prayas Seva Sangathan. The inauguration of this camp was done by Neeraj Sharma, the MLA of the NIT area, by cutting the ribbon. On this occasion, Dr. Bhupendra Shyoran, the Chairman of the school, welcomed MLA Neeraj Sharma by presenting him with a turban and a memento. During the event, 35 blood donors came forward to contribute. All the collected blood was presented to the Civil Hospital, Badshah Khan. MLA Neeraj Sharma addressed the donors, emphasizing the importance of donating blood at least three times a year for every healthy individual. He highlighted the crucial role each drop of donated blood plays in helping patients, pregnant women, and those injured in accidents.

Dr. Bhupendra Sorayan, the Chairman of the school, expressed that the school regularly organizes blood donation camps, health check-up camps, and eye check-up camps in different months to ensure people in the surrounding areas can benefit from these initiatives.

Nav Prayas Seva Sangathan’s representatives Sunil Yadav and President Ramesh Joshi mentioned that this was their organization’s 89th blood donation camp. They encouraged people to donate blood willingly so that it remains readily available during emergencies. Notable attendees at the event included educators Dr. Rajesh Madan, Advocate Dr. Amit Jain, Ramvir Bhadana, Dr. Shobhit Ajaad, Dr. Abhishek Singh, Dr. Rohit Garg, Rishi, Ajay Yadav, M.P. Bhadana (Head of Nangla Road Market), Vinod Kumar, S. Montu, Sachin Tanwar, Advocate Divakar, Hardik, Krishnanashu, Bhuvaneshwar Sharma, Mahesh Lohiya, Women’s President Manisha, Aarti Sahu, Manju Singh, Pusplata, Chandrakanta, & others.

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