DCP Amit Yashvardhan promotes road safety by applying reflector tape on vehicles

Faridabad, 06 /01/2024– In a proactive measure to enhance road safety awareness during foggy weather, Faridabad Traffic DCP Amit Yashvardhan has initiated a campaign urging commuters to adhere to road safety rules by applying reflector tape on their vehicles.
DCP Yashvardhan, addressing members of the Faridabad Transport Association in Transport Nagar Sector 58, emphasized the importance of complying with road safety regulations, particularly during the cold season when reduced visibility poses a higher risk of road accidents. As part of the ongoing initiative, the Traffic Police have been actively promoting the application of reflector tape on all types of vehicles to ensure heightened caution for commuters during foggy conditions.

Police spokesperson Sube Singh stated that the Traffic Police, under the guidance of DCP Yashvardhan, have launched a special campaign encouraging the application of reflector tape on both small and large vehicles. The objective is to alert the general public to travel cautiously during foggy weather, where visibility is significantly reduced, and distant objects on the road may not be easily visible. The increased likelihood of accidents during these conditions necessitates additional safety measures.

He highlighted the role of fog in contributing to road accidents during the winter season. He explained that the low visibility caused by fog makes it challenging for drivers to see far ahead, elevating the risk of accidents. In light of these concerns, the Faridabad Traffic Police have undertaken the campaign to apply reflector tape on vehicles, aiming to reduce the probability of road accidents during foggy weather.

DCP Yashvardhan urged all citizens to proactively participate in this safety initiative by applying reflector tape on their vehicles and practicing vigilant driving habits. This collective effort, he emphasized, will contribute to minimizing the occurrence of road accidents during adverse weather conditions.

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