Money is not most important, employees seek respect: NR Narayana Murthy

Hanoi, May 21 , 2024 : In a compelling discussion, NR Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys, emphasized the critical role of employee empowerment in achieving business success. Speaking alongside Truong Gia Binh, Founder and Executive Chairman of FPT Group, Murthy shared insights on what truly motivates employees beyond financial compensation. “In my experience, money is not the most important factor. Employees seek respect and appreciation for their abilities,” Murthy asserted on Monday. He stressed that recognizing and valuing employees’ efforts are key to fostering a motivated and productive workforce. Murthy also highlighted the importance of generosity within organizations, noting that many global businessmen allocate substantial shares to junior employees, a practice embraced by Infosys. This approach, he explained, not only fosters a sense of ownership among employees but also motivates them to contribute more effectively to the company’s success. Furthermore, Murthy emphasized the responsibility of employees to protect and uphold the company’s resources. This principle is central to his business philosophy, ensuring that both leaders and employees work collaboratively to sustain and grow the organization. During the dialogue, Murthy underscored the importance of respect in business. He highlighted the necessity of clear role delineation within the workplace, advocating for a balance between personal friendships and professional responsibilities. Reflecting on Infosys’ journey since its inception in 1981, he noted that earning respect was prioritized over mere profitability. “Respect from customers translates to profitability and attracts top talent,” he said, stressing that a respectful environment is crucial for business success. Murthy also addressed financial prudence, warning against rising costs that can erode profits despite revenue growth. “Expenses must be less than our earnings,” he advised. Murthy attributed his success to a strong commitment to education and an entrepreneurial mindset. Recounting his modest upbringing, he highlighted education’s role in overcoming poverty. “If we don’t study, we can’t turn ambitions into reality,” he stressed. He elaborated that entrepreneurial spirit is driven by individual desire rather than genetics or family background. “While many family businesses thrive, there are also numerous instances of failure,” he pointed out. Highlighting the critical role of technology in socio-economic development, Murthy noted the perpetual demand for tech products and services. “The need for technology is perpetual because it is always evolving,” he remarked. He emphasized that tech companies must offer unique value to customers, maintain high standards, and continually learn from competitors. He advocated for high-growth businesses to focus on cost control, job creation, worker welfare, and environmental sustainability.The discussion also centered on Vietnam’s potential for rapid development and the core values driving successful business leadership. Murthy expressed a bold vision for Vietnam, asserting that the nation’s attributes of courage, confidence, hard work, and discipline will propel it to become one of Asia’s leading developed countries within the next 20-25 years. “Vietnam will achieve prosperity for its people more quickly than many other countries in Asia,” he stated, underscoring his belief in the nation’s swift progress. He praised the enduring qualities of the Vietnamese people, suggesting that other countries could learn from their creativity and resilience. Murthy lauded FPT and Vietnam for their potential and achievements in the software service industry. He commended FPT’s visionary leadership and resilience, predicting even greater success. “FPT and Vietnam have no rivals in their courage and aspirations,” he affirmed. Murthy closed the dialogue by emphasizing the transformative impact of entrepreneurship on socio-economic progress and job creation. He reiterated his vision of addressing poverty through business initiatives, highlighting the essential values of respect, education, and entrepreneurial spirit in fostering growth and prosperity

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