“Former Minister Vipul Goyal Ignites Diwali Spirit in Old Faridabad, Urges Grand Celebration of ‘Pran Pratistha Utsav'”

Vipul Goyal & VHP's All India Treasurer Ramesh Kumar Gupta Rally Support for Historic 'Pran Pratistha Utsav' in Old Faridabad Market

Faridabad, 03-01- 2023: In a spirited campaign echoing the fervor surrounding the grand event in Ram Nagri Ayodhya, former Industries Minister Vipul Goyal, along with VHP’s All India Treasurer Ramesh Kumar Gupta, embarked on a door-to-door initiative in Old Faridabad. The initiative aimed at inviting people to partake in the monumental ‘Pran Pratistha’ ceremony, reminiscent of Diwali celebrations.

Aligning with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent appeal to illuminate homes on January 22 in honor of the ‘Pran Pratistha’ ceremony at the Ram temple, Vipul Goyal passionately urged shopkeepers in the Old Faridabad market to commemorate the day as they would Diwali. Goyal emphasized that this auspicious occasion, long-awaited by every Indian, should witness the collective participation of countrymen in local temples.

As part of the outreach, former minister Vipul Goyal distributed images of Pujit Akshat and the revered Ram temple to shopkeepers, extending an invitation to witness the historic event. He called upon citizens to embrace the Prime Minister’s call by illuminating Shri Ram Jyoti on January 22 at their homes, temples, and shrines.

The campaign kicked off with enthusiasm in the Old Faridabad market, accompanied by musical instruments and chants of ‘Jai Shri Ram.’ Shopkeepers expressed their gratitude to Vipul Goyal, thanking Prime Minister Modi for the long-awaited return of Ram Lalla to his sacred abode. Treasurer Ramesh Kumar Gupta announced plans to connect five crore families nationwide with the Pran Pratistha ceremony, expanding the Akshat distribution program to temples and different areas of the city.

Amidst the Akshat distribution, shopkeepers adorned Vipul Goyal with turbans, bouquets, and flower garlands, sweetening the occasion with heartfelt expressions of gratitude. Various social, religious organizations, and political figures from the old city joined the event, solidifying support for the historic ‘Pran Pratistha Utsav.'”

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