New Delhi , 2nd July 2024 ;-The Indian Army contingent has departed for the 13th edition of the India-Thailand joint military Exercise MAITREE, which is scheduled to be held from July 1 to 15, 2024, at Fort Vachiraprakan in Tak Province, Thailand. The last edition of this exercise was conducted in Umroi, Meghalaya, in September 2019. This year, the Indian Army contingent consists of 76 personnel, mainly from a Battalion of the LADAKH SCOUTS, along with members from other arms and services. Similarly, the Royal Thailand Army contingent also comprises 76 personnel, primarily from the 1st Battalion, 14 Infantry Regiment of the 4th Division.

Exercise MAITREE aims to foster military cooperation between India and Thailand, enhancing their combined capabilities in executing joint counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations in both jungle and urban environments, in line with Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. The exercise will focus on high physical fitness, joint planning, and joint tactical drills. Key tactical drills include the creation of a Joint Operation Centre, establishing an Intelligence & Surveillance Centre, employing drones and counter-drone systems, securing a landing site, small team insertion and extraction, special heliborne operations, cordon and search operations, room intervention drills, and the demolition of illegal structures.

This exercise will allow both sides to share best practices in tactics, techniques, and procedures for joint operations. It will also facilitate the development of interoperability, camaraderie, and bonhomie between the soldiers of both countries.

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