Palestinian people have right to establish Independent state : Uzbekistan Prez

New Delhi, Nov 1 (UNI) Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on Wednesday said that the
people of Palestine have the right to establish their independent state in accordance with the
adopted resolutions of the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council.
President Mirziyoyev’s statement came after the war between Israel-Hamas entered the 26th day
in which, more than 8,300 people have been killed, and 66 percent of them are women and
According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, tens of thousands have been injured so far in the
He also came out strongly in support of humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip and
said Uzbekistan’s strong solidarity was with the people of Palestine.
“Mirziyoyev underlined Palestinian people’s right to establish their independent state in
accordance with the previously adopted resolutions of the General Assembly and the UN
Security Council.”
Speaking further on the subject, the Uzbekistan President said, “I am convinced that further
escalation of violence is fraught with large-scale destabilization of the international situation and
the involvement of new forces in armed confrontation. All this can lead to difficult-to-predict,
tragic consequences that go far beyond the Near East region.”
Addressing a meeting, Mirziyoyev also announced one million 500 thousand dollars to the
United Nations Agency for the Near East to provide all possible assistance to the residents of the
Gaza Strip.
“As you know, the armed clashes between the Israeli army and the Hamas movement are
aggravating the humanitarian crisis and leading to numerous casualties among civilian and
innocent people” he said.
Raising his concerns over the civilian casualties in the Gaza strip, he said the children and
women are dying, people are losing shelter and are forced to leave their homes.
“We sincerely sympathize and express our condolences to all the families of the victims on the
Palestinian and Israeli sides,” said President Mirziyoyev.
He called upon both sides for an immediate humanitarian truce, cessation of hostilities and a
peaceful resolution of the conflict.
“Central Asia has a unique experience of peaceful coexistence of the representatives of different
nations and faiths. For centuries, Muslims, Christians and Jews have lived here in friendship
and harmony, side by side,” the President said.

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