“Abha”: Punya Dance Academy’s Bharatanatyam rendition of Ramayana at Sargalaya, Kozhikode

Kozhikode (Kerala), Nov 10 – Punya Dance Academy from Bangalore is set to enchant the audience with their performance, “Abha,” a Bharatanatyam rendition of the epic Ramayana in the Margam style. The event will take place at Sargalaya Kerala Arts and Crafts Village on Sunday at 6:30 pm.

Distinguished dancers Aditya PV, Shruti Gopal, and Parswanath S Upadhyay will grace the stage with their portrayal of ‘Abha,’ a production that has captivated audiences more than 75 times at various venues. The trio, serving as artistic directors of Punya Dance Company and Upadhyay School of Dance in Bengaluru, has garnered acclaim for their six groundbreaking productions, including ‘Hara,’ ‘Sadgati,’ ‘Punya Krishna,’ ‘Paratha,’ ‘Abha,’ and ‘Naga Mandala,’ significantly influencing the art scene.

From the meticulously crafted choreography to the radiant jewelry adorning Sita, portrayed by Shruti Gopal, alongside Parswanath Upadhyay as Rama and Aditya PV as Lakshmana, the performance promises scintillating displays. Sita, embodying the essence of Goddess Lakshmi, emerges as a multifaceted character who, far from blindly following instructions, makes choices that alter the epic’s trajectory. As a woman encompassing roles of wife, mother, and daughter, Sita navigates her path alongside Rama.

The trio extends their expertise beyond the stage, training students through the online learning platform Antarshala and gracing prestigious venues worldwide. This retelling of the Ramayana in the form of ‘Abha’ not only showcases the artistry of Bharatanatyam but also delves into the nuanced character of Sita, adding depth to the timeless epic.

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