Sonia Gandhi urges Telangana electorate to choose Congress for Positive change in Assembly Poll

Hyderabad, 28 Nov 23 – Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi has issued a heartfelt appeal to the people of Telangana, urging them to cast their votes in favor of the Congress party in the upcoming Assembly election on November 30. In a message to the electorate, Sonia emphasized the need for a positive transformation in the state.

Expressing her sentiments, Sonia stated, “Though I am unable to come to Telangana, you are close to my heart. The state needs to change as per the aspirations of the people.” She conveyed the Congress party’s commitment to providing good governance and highlighted her appreciation for the affectionate term ‘Soniamma’ used by the people.

“I am grateful for your love. For a positive change, vote for the Congress party in the assembly election on Thursday,” Sonia added.

As the election day approaches, Sonia Gandhi’s appeal seeks to resonate with the voters of Telangana, encouraging them to consider the Congress party as the choice for ushering in the desired positive changes in the state. The message reflects the party’s commitment to addressing the aspirations and concerns of the people, positioning itself as the advocate for good governance in Telangana.

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