Election Commission issues show cause Notice to Rahul Gandhi for remarks against PM Modi

New Delhi, 23 Nov 23 – The Election Commission of India (ECI) has taken action against Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, issuing a show cause notice for his alleged “Jaibkatra” and “Pannauti” remarks directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The ECI has set a deadline of November 25 for Rahul Gandhi to respond, demanding an explanation regarding the accusations.

The notice follows a complaint filed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with the poll panel, asserting that Rahul Gandhi made derogatory comments about PM Modi during a public meeting in Rajasthan on November 22. The BJP claims that such language, including comparisons to a ‘Jaibkatra’ (pickpocket) and the use of the word ‘Pannauti,’ is inappropriate for a senior leader of a national political party.

The Election Commission’s move reflects its commitment to maintaining the integrity of political discourse and ensuring that public statements by political leaders adhere to a certain standard.

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