PM Modi joins security forces in Lepcha, Himachal Pradesh for Diwali Celebrations

Shimla, Nov 12 , 2023 – Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Lepcha, Himachal Pradesh, on Sunday to partake in Diwali celebrations alongside the dedicated security forces.

Sharing the news on his official platform X, Modi expressed his excitement, stating, ‘Reached Lepcha in Himachal Pradesh to celebrate Diwali with our brave security forces.’

Extending warm Diwali wishes to the nation, the Prime Minister conveyed his sentiments in another post, saying, ‘Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali! May this special festival bring joy, prosperity, and wonderful health to everyone’s lives.’

The visit underscores the Prime Minister’s commitment to standing alongside the security forces during important occasions, fostering a spirit of unity and gratitude during the festive season.

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