India to delay Hyperloop Plans: Technology Maturity & Viability concerns prevail

New Delhi, Nov 5 – India’s ambitious pursuit of hyperloop technology for ultra high-speed trains is facing a significant setback as it remains in a nascent and economically uncertain state. According to NITI Aayog Member V K Saraswat, hyperloop technology is currently at a “very low level” of maturity, making it economically unviable at this juncture.

Saraswat, who leads a committee tasked with evaluating the technological and commercial feasibility of Virgin Hyperloop technology in India, further revealed that some foreign companies have expressed interest in introducing this technology to the country.

While discussing the status of hyperloop technology, Saraswat stated, “Hyperloop technology, as far as we are concerned, faces challenges as the offers received from foreign countries are not considered very viable options. They are in a very early stage of technological development.”

This revelation suggests that India may defer its plans for adopting hyperloop technology as it navigates the complexities of maturity, economic viability, and technological advancement. The government will likely continue to assess and explore options that align better with the country’s long-term transportation objectives.

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