Tripura: 15 families affected by political violence receive government jobs

Agartala, Dec 8, 2023– In a recent and commendable development, the BJP-led government in Tripura has demonstrated its commitment to social welfare by extending a compassionate hand to families affected by political violence. Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister, Ratan Lal Nath, announced on December 8 that the government has taken proactive steps to provide jobs to the families of 15 victims who tragically lost their lives due to political violence before March 9, 2018.

This empathetic move is rooted in the government’s recognition of the historical context, particularly during the left front regime since 1993. Upon assuming power, the government pledged robust support to families who suffered during this period, initiating re-investigations into many unresolved cases.

The substantial announcement materialized on December 23, 2020, when the state cabinet made a decision to allocate jobs to the next of kin of those affected by political violence. To ensure a fair and transparent process, a scrutiny committee was constituted, with Ratan Lal Nath as the chairman and the Director of the ICA Department serving as the convener. The committee also includes representatives from the Law Secretary and Additional Secretary of the Home Department.

Highlighting the meticulous nature of the process, Nath shared that a total of 26 applications were received from families seeking government assistance. The scrutiny committee, following careful deliberations, recommended 15 names for job allocations, reflecting a thorough evaluation of the applicants’ eligibility and need.

To enhance oversight and maintain a proactive approach, the scrutiny committee underwent reconstitution in June of the current year. The committee’s responsibilities include overseeing government decisions related to victims of political violence, ensuring that the support reaches those who need it most.

In a recent meeting held on Thursday, the reconstituted committee recommended three jobs out of six applications, further underlining the ongoing commitment to addressing the impact of political violence comprehensively. Minister Ratan Lal Nath affirmed the government’s dedication to this cause and encouraged those who have not yet submitted applications but have suffered losses due to political violence to reach out to the respective SDM offices for government assistance.

This multifaceted approach, combining historical acknowledgment, proactive initiatives, and meticulous oversight, underscores the government’s commitment to providing meaningful support to the families affected by political violence in Tripura. It represents a positive stride towards social justice and the amelioration of lives impacted by the complexities of the region’s political landscape.

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