Second Day of IG/SP Conference Begins with Yoga

Chandigarh, April 5, 2024 : The second day of the first-ever Inspector General/Superintendent of Police Conference being held in the state began with all police officers performing yoga. During this time, the police officers performed yoga with DGP Shatrujeet Kapur to adopt a stress-free lifestyle .In this yoga session, the police officers were taught various types of yoga asanas. Yogacharya Hemant told the police officers in detail about the role of yoga practices like pranayama, bhastrika, and nadi shodhan in adopting a stress-free lifestyle. In addition, everyone in the yoga session performed meditation practices and chanting of the Gayatri mantra, which are beneficial for mental health.Relaxation and Asanas.During the yoga session, all police officers were also taught relaxation exercises.

The yoga teacher taught Ustrasana, Shashkasana, Uttanamandukasana, Vakrasana, Makarasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Setubandhasana, Uttanapadasana, Ardhahalasana, Pawanmuktasana, Shavasana, Kapalbhati, and Sheetali Pranayama. He also gave detailed information about the benefits of all these asanas to the yoga practitioners. The yoga session concluded with Shantipath.

Benefits of Yoga

Director General of Police Shatrujeet Kapur said that through yoga, the body and mind can be kept healthy and pure. Yoga is a means of physical, mental, spiritual, and social health. Yoga shows us the way to live life in its entirety and removes the disorders of the body and mind. He said that we can lead a balanced life by adopting yoga. He said that yoga maintains balance in life and frees us from many types of diseases.
Several senior police officials were present on the occasion.

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