Haryana to explore agricultural opportunities in African Nations

MoU will be exchanged for sending interested farmers abroad

Chandigarh, January 3, 2024 – Haryana Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal said that the State Government is planning to leverage the vast agricultural potential in African countries by sending Haryana farmers abroad. This ambitious endeavor aims to provide new opportunities for Haryana’s hardworking farming community.

Following discussions with the ambassador of an African nation, the State Government is in the process of signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which will be exchanged shortly to formalize this collaboration. After the MoU, we will invite the interested farmers to participate in this unique opportunity. Farmer groups will be formed and sent to African countries where they can contribute their expertise and benefit from the vast agricultural landscapes available. Before sending them abroad, the government will also provide comprehensive training and necessary assistance to ensure their success in agricultural endeavors abroad.

This was revealed by the Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal while addressing a press conference here today.

Explaining the rationale behind this initiative, Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal informed that the shrinking landholding in Haryana, largely due to industrialization and other developmental activities has prompted the government to explore alternative avenues for the state’s agricultural community. Drawing inspiration from successful farming ventures in Madhya Pradesh and other states, Haryana will also replicate this success on an international scale.

Responding to a question, the Chief Minister said that state government is committed to curbing the illicit transportation of youth to foreign nations for placement. To facilitate lawful opportunities for interested individuals, the government has established the Foreign Cooperation Department and the Overseas Placement Cell. These entities are responsible for coordinating the placement of youth seeking opportunities abroad. Comprehensive training for such individuals is conducted through HKRN. In response to a request from Israel, we initiated advertisement, resulting in 4000 youth expressing interest in foreign employment. To ensure their preparedness, these individuals will undergo training at MDU, Rohtak. A subsequent advertisement is scheduled around January 15 to encourage legal pathways for our youth to seek opportunities abroad, he added.

In response to queries regarding the awaiting Municipal Corporation elections, the Chief Minister shared that the wardbandi process for a majority of municipalities has been successfully accomplished. Elections for these municipalities will be scheduled promptly upon the finalization of the same.

In reply to another question, Chief Minister highlighted that the current government has safeguarded the employment of guest teacher’s upto the age of 58 years through the introduction of a special bill. Presently, there is no provision for the regularization of their services. Simultaneously, ongoing regular recruitment efforts are underway. Regrettably, certain groups, called “bharti roko gangs,” are causing disruptions. The government is actively monitoring and addressing these obstacles to ensure the smooth continuation of the recruitment process across the state.

Providing an update on the progress of the Vikshit Bharat Sankalp Yatra, the Chief Minister disclosed that 60 percent of the Jan Samvad programs have already been successfully conducted. With an impressive average attendance of approximately 800 individuals per program, these interactive sessions are slated to continue until January 25, this year. The Chief Minister proudly highlighted Haryana’s leadership role in the nation by successfully organizing the yatra.

Additional Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Dr. Amit Agrawal, Director General Information, Public Relations, Language and Culture Sh. Mandip Singh Brar, Media Advisor to Chief Minister Sh. Rajiv Jaithley, Media Secretary Sh Praveen Attreya, Chief Media Coordinator Sh. Sudesh Kataria also present on this occasion.

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