Playing of DJ and loudspeaker after 10 at night remains banned, violation will attract action: Dr. Anshu Singla

Noise over 10 decibel without permission of concerned department is totally prohibited in the district

Sanjay Chaturvedi

Palwal, 14,December 2023: It has been a common problem of the citizens that whenever there is an occasion, be it marriage, birthday or a festival, people in celebration play music and songs on high volume without considering that others living around might be getting disturbed with this high volume. While the students get disturbed in their studies due to this high volume celebration, the senior citizens find it difficult to bear the same.
In view of these difficulties being faced by the residents, ASP Dr. Anshu Singla has instructed all the police stations and pickets to take legal actions against the people violating the norms in this regard. She said that while the law prohibits playing of music at more than 10 decibels after 10 pm, without the permission of the concerned official, actually the police should ensure that such music is not creating nuisance for citizens even during the day.
She said that there would be a total ban on playing of DJ and loudspeaker after 10 PM and if any complaint against anyone violating the norm is received, anyone citizen can inform the police. The police department is already instructed to act against the erring people. Singla said that even for playing of DJ or loudspeaker between 6AM and 10PM, a prior permission is required, that too within limits of volume allowed. She said that the DJ operators should display an instruction plate on their DJ or Loudspeaker specifying the limitations of law. She called upon the people of Palwal district to avoid making any act of fun that destroys the happiness of the occasion. She informed that the high levels of noise tend to create many health problems such as tension, high blood pressure and deafness etc. She further added that the problems with high noise are felt not only by humans but the birds and animals too. She warned the residents to be aware of the law in this regard and also care about the discomfort of fellow citizens.

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