Faridabad Police elevates 92 Head Constables to Assistant Sub-Inspectors

CP Rakesh Kumar Arya urged the newly promoted officers to embrace their elevated roles with unwavering determination.

Faridabad, 23, Feb , 2024-Faridabad witnessed a momentous occasion as 92 head constables of the Faridabad Police ascended to the esteemed rank of assistant sub-inspectors. The courtyard of CP’s office shimmered with pride as CP Rakesh Kumar Arya adorned each deserving officer with a star, symbolizing their dedication and commitment to serving the community. In a heartfelt address echoing the wisdom of renowned Hindi poet Praveen Shukla, CP Arya urged the newly promoted officers to embrace their elevated roles with unwavering determination. “Kse kah du ki thak gaya hu mai, na jane kis-kis ka honsala hu mai,” he quoted, inspiring the officers to shoulder their new responsibilities with valor and grace. Amidst a gathering of esteemed dignitaries including Joint Police Commissioner Omprakash Narwal and DCP Headquarters Abhishek Jorwal, DCP Central Jasleen Kaur, SO Inspector Bharatendra and other police officers, the atmosphere brimmed with celebration and camaraderie.

Each promoted policemen include Chief Constable Ram Singh, Sunil Kumar, Satpal, Kulveer, Monu, Bhupendra, Satyavan, Lokesh, Ravi Shankar, Amit Kumar, Deepak, Jaswinder, Rajesh Kumar, Raj Narayan, Rajkumar, Kuldeep, Rakesh Kumar, Narendra, Mansingh, Satendra, Ravindra, Totaram, Surendra Kumar, Shamsher Singh, Rajendra, Rajesh, Mohammad Younis, Pawan Kumar, Arun Singh, Satish, Yusuf Khan, Veerpal, Ajit Singh, Balwan Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Yashpal , Surendra, Harvinder, Rinku, Gulshan, Sandeep Kumar, Parvinder Singh, Vijay Kumar, Devendra, Monu, Krishna Kumar, Karan Singh, Vijay Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, Sanjeet, Samsuddin, Sombir, Naved Ahmed, Rajeev Kumar, Jaiveer, Mukesh Kumar , Dharambir, Sudhir, Veer Singh, Nasir Ali, Rohtash Kumar, Ravi, Amit Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Yogendra Singh, Vinod Kumar, Baldev, Umesh Kumar, Bijendra Singh, Randhir Singh, Sandeep Kumar, Rajkumar, Ishwarlal, Devendra, Prahlad Singh, Rajendra Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Pravesh Kumar, Ishaq Khan, Jamshed Ali, Vikas, Vikram Singh, Rajiv Kumar, Amit Baliyan, Satbir Singh, Mahabir Singh, Surendra Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Diwan Singh and Sunny and female chief constable Manjeet and Rajbala stood tall with gratitude as they expressed their heartfelt thanks to CP Arya. Speaking on behalf of the department, Police spokesperson Subey Singh hailed the promoted officers for their exceptional dedication and service. Among the distinguished names, the likes of Sunil Kumar, Kuldeep, and Rakesh Kumar, among others, were honored for their invaluable contributions to the force. CP Arya, extending his congratulations to the deserving officers, emphasized the significance of their newfound roles. “You have earned this honor through sheer hard work and dedication,” he remarked, underscoring the importance of upholding the integrity of their positions and serving the community with honesty and diligence. As the stars adorned their uniforms, these exemplary officers embarked on a new chapter of their careers, poised to uphold the principles of justice and integrity. Their promotion not only signifies personal achievement but also a steadfast commitment to the safety and well-being of the citizens of Faridabad.

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