New Delhi ,04 February, 2024-National Police Memorial (NPM),Delhi is nation’s endeavor to honor the Police personnel of all CPOs/CAPFs/State Police who sacrificed their lives in line of duty for National Security. The memorial stands tall as an ode to our Policemen, who fight terrorism, militancy and crime at the border and in the hinterland while maintaining law & order, protecting national assets, combating disasters and other emergencies. The NPM conducts a solemn ceremony every weekend to express gratitude and pay respect to the police martyrs and honor members of their family. The responsibility of conducting this event for one month is entrusted to one Central Police Force on rotation. The event will be organized by Railway Protection Force in the month of February 2024. The RPF, an Armed force of the Union under the Ministry of Railways, has taken on missions to save lives, assist those in need and combat human trafficking and drug smuggling. During 2023, the force has saved 3719 lives, rescued 11794 children and 3492 adults in distress, rescued 1048 victims from the clutches of human traffickers with arrest of 257 human traffickers and arrested 922 drug traffickers. The force works with an objective of “Sewa Hi Sankalp”. The force has transitioned from being solely responsible for the security of railway property to becoming dedicated protectors of railway passengers. In acknowledgment of the RPF’s unwavering dedication, RPF personnel have been honored with 3 President’s Police Medals for Gallantry, 19 Police Medals for Gallantry, 94 President’s Medals for Distinguished Service, and 942 Medals for Meritorious Service. As a fitting onset of the month long event, The Railway Protection Force (RPF), conducted the opening ceremony featuring various activities such as laying of wreath on the Police Memorial, Band Display and Retreat on February 3, 2024, at the National Police Memorial in New Delhi. Sh. Sanjay Kumar Mishra, IG-cum-PCSC/RPF South Eastern Railway was the chief guest of the solemn function. Martyrs serve as symbols of exceptional courage and heroism in the face of challenging circumstances. The RPF has a rich legacy of martyrdom, with its staff and officers sacrificing their lives in the line of duty while battling insurgents, antinational elements, and criminals to protect Indian Railways and its commuters. Over 1000 RPF/RPSF personnel have made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty. In recognition of the sacrifices made, the families of the martyrs were invited to the National Police Memorial from various parts of the nation. Alongside the families of the Force personnel, they paid homage to the martyrs by offering floral tributes at the National Police Memorial and visited the museum on the premises. The Chief Guest honored and felicitated the families of the martyrs during the function, which was followed by a captivating band display. The ceremony will continue to be conducted by RPF in NPM on every Saturday and Sunday of February 2024

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