Manav Rachna Celebrates 75th Republic Day With Great Pride & Honor

Delhi/Ncr, January 26, 2024: Manav Rachna Educational Institutions celebrated the 75th Republic Day of India by hosting the flag unfurling ceremony at its campus in Faridabad and across its chain of 8 international schools. The celebrations spread patriotic zeal and high spirits as the faculty members, students and staff witnessed the flaring gigantic tricolour, followed by the National Anthem.

Colonel V K Gaur, a distinguished figure was the Chief Guest, while Ms Sanya Bhalla, Head of Alumni Relations and International Affairs, adorned the occasion as the Guest of Honor. The presence of Prof. Dr. I K Bhat, Vice Chancellor of Manav Rachna University, added academic eminence to the commemoration. Dr Bhat underscored the pride associated with India’s Constitution, urging everyone to embrace their Indian identity with honour.The celebration began with a spirited march past by the students, followed by the address of Colonel Gaur who urged the students to acquaint themselves with Article 51 A of the Constitution.“It is essential for students to comprehend and fulfil their duties toward the nation while understanding their civic responsibilities”, Colonel Gaur said.Ms. Sanya Bhalla, in her address, expressed pride in India’s global recognition by reiterating the importance of upholding the nation’s values and traditions. “The appreciation Indians receive around the world symbolises how rich our culture is! We all should take a pledge to preserve and promote our rich heritage”, she emphasized.The festivities showcased various events symbolizing the transformative power of the Constitution, opening with the electrifying performance by the Rehnuma Society, followed by an intriguing drama performed by the Khalbali Theatre Society. The celebrations also encompassed a thrilling fashion show by the Noora Fashion Society, a spectacular dance performance by the Rudra Dance Society, and a mesmerizing musical recital by the Moksha- Music Society.

The eight Manav Rachna International Schools celebrated the Republic Day event at their respective campuses across Faridabad, Gurugram, Noida, Ludhiana, and Mohali.




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