Training is necessary in the field of security: Sinha

New Delhi, July 2 , 2024 – Executive Chairman of International Institute of Security and Safety Management, former MP RK Sinha said that it is very important for security officials to get training in the ever-changing technologies. This is necessary for their personal and professional development. Mr. Sinha was addressing the participants present at the start of the Certified Security Practitioner (CSP) course of International Institute of Security and Safety Management (I.I.S.S.M) here today.

In this 4-day course in East of Kailash, New Delhi various experts, and professionals and practioners officials in the security sector will interact during training on disaster management, cyber security, fire safety management, cutting-edge technologies in the security sector and many other topics. This is a certification course, to be done by security officers associated with private public security, and other stakeholders in the field of security, safety, Loss prevention & Risk Management.

I.I.S.S.M has been engaged in spreading education and professionalism in the security, rescue and loss prevention industry for three decades. IISSM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institute. It runs thematic and customized courses for security professionals and organizes international conferences and seminars. It conducts security and safety audits and provides consultancy services to the Government of India and corporates.

It is worth mentioning that IISSM has been making efforts for the last 33 years to sensitize the stakeholders to address issues related to security and loss prevention through regular annual conclaves/seminars and various training programmes. IISSM was jointly founded in 1990 by former Special Secretary Home Padma Shri K. N. Prasad and Shri R. K. Sinha, former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha). IISSM is a non-profit educational institution registered in 1992 under the Indian Society Act.

The training programme was addressed by Santosh Kumar, CEO of IISSM and M. P. Sethi, Course Director. Security expert Brig. (Retd.) U. K. Dhar, Brig. (Retd.) A.K. Pathak and Shri Hiranya Mohanty trained the participants.

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