With yet Another Better Effort by the Public, it is certain that Congress will come to power:-Kumari Selja

The Public are ready to show the full movie to BJP in Assembly After the trailer of the Lok Sabha Elections:-Kumari Selja

Chandigarh, 15th,June,2024- The General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee, former Union Minister, and MP of Sirsa Lok Sabha constituency, Kumari Selja, said that the trailer of the blow of votes shown to Bjp in the Lok Sabha elections should be shown as a full movie in the proposed assembly elections in October. Selja said that with another better effort from the public, it is certain that Congress will come to power. In the ten-year rule of the BJP, whatever anti-people decisions have been taken, we will work to transform them into public-friendly decisions as soon as the Congress government is formed in the state. Selja was addressing her supporters and workers in the Narwana and Fatehabad assembly constituencies of Sirsa Lok Sabha after becoming an MP on Saturday. She expressed her gratitude to the supporters and workers in Narwana’s SD Women’s College and Fatehabad’s The Five Acres Resort, saying she will always be indebted for the blessing of votes given by them.
Kumari Selja said that the people of Haryana have contributed their votes remarkably in the effort to save the country’s democracy and constitution.The Bjp people’s tried hard to deceive the public, but the vigilant public hit hard on their false promises with their votes.

This enthusiasm has to be maintained for the next four months. We need to bring the Bjp down to the same numbers in the assembly that they had before 2014. The newly elected Lok Sabha MP Selja said that Bjp has ruined Haryana. The Haryana that was leading in the automobile industry in the country has fallen behind. The state, which used to be at the top in per capita income, now has an increased number of BPL (Below Poverty Line) cardholders. New industries did not come here, and the old ones migrated. Employment opportunities have decreased. Outsiders were given preference in government jobs, ignoring the educated youth of the state. Kumari Selja said that there is no section of the state that is not troubled by the ten years of BJP’s misrule. Merchants are openly shot for extortion. Even school and college-going girls are not safe.

Haryana has become a leader in crimes against women. Rising crime has now become the new identity of Haryana. Farmers have to go through a tough struggle to get fertilizers, seeds, and sell their crops. The newly elected Lok Sabha MP said that the Haryana that used to provide jobs to people from across the country is now number one in unemployment. Every department, board, and corporation is filled with scams. Whichever file you check, you will find a scam in it. You are all well aware of the conditions of roads, electricity, and water. Therefore, due to the fear of losing power, BJP people will surely come to you now and try to show false dreams again, but remember the ten years of suffering and do not fall for their deceptions. On this occasion, Rajya Sabha MP Randeep Surjewala, former minister Chaudhary Birender Singh, former MP Brijendra Singh, Atar Singh Saini, former MLA Ramphal, former MLA Randhir Singh, Rajrani, Sube Singh Poonia, Bhupendra Gangwa, Ishwar Nain, Lal Bahadur Khowal, and party leaders and workers were present.

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