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FARIDABAD , 22 May , 2024 –Principal, Dynasty International School, Sector 28, Faridabad, Mr. Nitin Verma , strongly believes that, “Youth are the driving force behind global movements and hold the promise of comprehensive development. Their innovative thinking and commitment to societal empowerment are essential for shaping the future.”

Youth are politically active, engaged and often at the forefront of global movements and campaigns. They hold a strong promise of commitment towards comprehensive development, progress, harmony and opportunities for all.

They are the primary visionaries in a world that is developing at a rapid pace. Not only do they think ‘out of the box’ but they also believe in holistic empowerment of a society. They bring forth ideas, recognize loopholes and strongly advocate for change that is not merely related to the current times but to the future at large.

In a democratic country like India, it becomes more important for all the young people to know their rights and duties well. According to a study out of 4.9 crore of youth of age group 18-19 years only 1.8 crore are registered in the voter’s list. In Bihar only 17% of youth have registered in the voter’s list. In U.P only 23% of youth and in Delhi only 21% of youth have registered themselves in the voter’s list. Only in Telangana district 67% youth are conscious about their fundamental rights.

However, not every youth is inclined to cast the ballot. Call it apathy, ignorance or disenchantment but a major chunk of our youth population has lost trust in the political process. A series of money laundering and corruption scandals have left them alienated and bitter. There is a sense of despair owing to the policy paralysis of the successive governments.

There should be absolutely no reason to hold the voters back. Youth can be lured to the polling station and encouraged to vote by educating them about the importance of his/her ‘one ’ vote. Also they can acquire a stake in a representative democracy by participating in the electoral process through which they can reassert, honour and protect their fundamental rights. The youth must be made aware of the fact that their distinct needs could only be taken care of if they take part in the electoral process. So the young voter must learn to educate himself about the position of various political parties and candidates on various issues concerning his particular interest so that he is able to make an informed decision on electing or replacing contestants in the fray at local or national level. A vote cast by a well informed voter goes a long way in devising policies that influence their interest directly or indirectly. They are not hindered to step beyond limitations and walk towards their dreams and aspirations. As such their voice is integral to the strengthening of democracy and larger well being of society.

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