Mithila Mohatav-7: Central government should build dam on Nepal border or give package says Bihar Water Resources Minister Sanjay Jha

New Delhi, 12 December 2023 – Bihar Water Resources and Public Relations minister Sanjay Jha has said that the central government should build a dam on the Nepal border to prevent flooding in north Bihar or give a package to prevent it. In an address sent by a group of Maithil journalists to the Press Club of india, Delhi, for Mithila Mahotsav 7 and Mithila Literature Festival-4, he said there is an agreement between the two countries for this. But no initiative has been taken to prepare DPR.

In his audio address, Sanjay Jha also hinted at issues of JDU’s fight with BJP in Bihar. According to him, the revival work of Mother Sita’s birthplace, Punaura Dam, will begin in December this year. While the goal is to complete this work by next year. It is believed that by starting this work ahead of the consecration program of Lord Ram idol to be held on January 22 in Ayodhya, the Bihar government is gearing up to take on the BJP on religious issues as well. However, he also expressed his intention to develop facilities at Simaria Dham, a center of faith in North Bihar. He said wide ghats are being constructed there for Ganga Aarti and other functions. Other objects are also being developed there. This work will be finished before time.

Sanjay Jha also said how the Mithilahat being built near Janjharpur is creating employment for thousands of people at the local level. However, he also gave examples of implementation of irrigation scheme in Darbhanga-Madhuban, Kosi flood zone by laying canal and doing farming in flood affected area. He also demanded from the Central Government that the Archeology Leavement excavate the ancient remains of Uchait, the birthplace of the immortal poet Kalidasa, and bring it before the world. This will help bring the ancient city and Mithila civilization to the world. That is why tourism development will be possible there.

On this occasion, BJP National Spokesperson and renowned physician Dr. Ajay Alok said that the language and civilization of Mithila is among the sweetest languages ​​in the world. This region has been a center of knowledge, civilization, culture and history since ancient times. Surrounded by the Mother Ganga on one side, the Kosi River on one side, the Gandak River on one side and the Himalayas on the other, this region has been recognized for its intellectual prowess since ancient times. There is huge potential here for many types of employment in the industry. In this regard, the BJP has been constantly raising demands. But currently the government is at the center of the administrative system there. He does not take steps in this direction. It has been the vision of BJP and especially PM Modi that employment and industry should be developed in every state. People of Bihar are going to support BJP next time. After that, the change will appear there.

In his address, Congress secretary Pranab Jha said that the central government should take the initiative to establish several large government and private industries in Bihar. The government has huge sectors ranging from railways to food processing. through which the central government can directly provide employment opportunities there. According to him, the Congress has always been in favor of creating jobs at the central government level in this way. So that Mithilanchal and other districts of Bihar get employment opportunities. According to him, the railway plant in Madhepura during the Congress rule was the result of this thinking. On the occasion, Mithila industrialists RC Chaudhary and Arvind Jha also expressed their views.


In the first phase of Mithila Mahotsav, Mithila Literature Festival-4 was organized in which RC Chaudhary and Arvind Jha expressed their views regarding lack of industry and employment in Mithila and their solution. Earlier, in another session, a series of lectures in memory of late Bhagalpur native journalist Sandeep Thakur was organized with the help of Press Association and Press Club of India, Sandeep Thakur has been associated with Hindustan newspaper for a long time. Apart from this, he has also worked for many other newspapers and magazines including Rashtriya Sahara.

Because of his unique reporting style, he enjoyed great popularity among his contemporaries and later journalists. His specialty was in the field of crime reporting. Senior journalists who worked with him and were in contact with him are Dhananjay, Dinesh Vats, Gulshan Rai Khatri, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Narendra Bhalla, Indra Vashishtha, Sujit Thakur, Press Club of India General Secretary Neeraj Thakur as well as Maithil Patrakar Group President & Press Association General Secretary Santosh Thakur shared their experience about Sandeep Thakur. All of them shared their experiences of meeting and working with Sandeep Thakur at different times and said that he was always ready to help old colleagues while also inspiring new people. All these speakers called his untimely death a great loss to journalism.

At the end, a colorful program was organized naned Mithila Mahotsav. In which the stage was conducted by Pratibha Jyoti and Prakash Jha. On this occasion, song and dance programs were presented by the Malorang Drama Group. where the people present continued to dance until late. Mainwhile, Maithil Journalist Group also announced to organize the next program at Mithila Haat Jhanjharpur Madhubani. Maithil Journalist Group has also been invited by the Bihar Government Public Relations Leavement for this.

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