PM Modi Attends G7 Outreach Summit In Italy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for prioritizing the concerns of the Global South, especially Africa. Speaking at an outreach session of the G7 summit in Puglia, Italy on Friday, Modi recalled that it was an honour for India that the African Union was accepted as a permanent member of the G20 under his presidency. Explaining India’s energy transition journey, Modi said his approach is based on availability, accessibility, affordability and acceptability. He noted that India is working towards achieving the goal of net zero by 2070. Alluding to India’s Mission LiFE, he called on the international community to join the tree planting campaign “Plant4Mother” [Ek Ped Mar Ke Naam] launched by him on World Environment Day and make it a mass movement with a personal touch and global responsibility. Referring to India’s AI mission based on “AI for All”, the Prime Minister stressed that the technology should be aimed at promoting progress and wellbeing for all. He highlighted India’s promotion of international collaboration as a founding member of the Global Partnership for AI. Prime Minister Modi celebrated the 50th anniversary of the organisation. He expressed great satisfaction at being able to attend the summit after his re-election as part of the largest democratic movement in human history. He explained that technology can only be successful if it is based on a human-centric approach. She reported on India’s success in leveraging digital technology to deliver public services. In her opening remarks, the Italian Prime Minister said that the G7 and the Italian Presidency want to send a clear message that they will never accept a narrative that pits the West against the rest. She said that global challenges can only be addressed if countries can work together on equal terms with respect. She stressed that the outreach sessions will be dedicated to pressing issues such as artificial intelligence, energy, Africa and the Mediterranean.

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