North Central Railway gets first prize of National Energy Conservation Award 2023

Hon’ble President Smt. Draupadi Murmu gave away the award to General Manager North Central Railway

PRAYAGRAJ, 15 December 2023- In today’s competitive era, ensuring availability of energy for the progress and development of the nation is a major agenda of North Central Railway. Energy availability can be ensured by controlling wastage relative to energy demand and encouraging energy conservation.
North Central Railway has presented an exemplary example by achieving the first prize of National Energy Conservation Award 2023 among 17 zonal railways by adopting various energy efficient technical measures. was Shri Satish Kumar General Manager North Central Railway and Shri Anup Kumar Aggarwal Principal Chief Electrical Engineer North Central Railway received this award from Hon’ble President Smt. Draupadi Murmu, in the Energy Conservation Day function held at New Delhi on 14.12.2023.
North Central Railway has established itself in the forefront of Indian Railways by getting the first prize in the regional rail category of transport sector.
North Central Railway has installed 11.13 MW solar power plant, 100 percent energy efficient LED tube lights, fans and star rated air conditioners at 338 railway stations, 265 railway service buildings and railway residences. This resulted in saving of 12.521 million units of energy and Rs 5.17 crore in railway revenue during year 2022-23.
Diesel consumption and time has been reduced by 95% across NCR through purchase of cheap and environment friendly electricity produced from solar power plant and 100% electrification of 3222 route kilometers in the entire North Central Railway.
Apart from this, 138.4 crore units of electricity was saved through regenerative braking in 3 phase AC locomotive. This resulted in saving of Rs 900 crore in railway revenue. Apart from this, there was reduction in diesel consumption of power car by providing electricity through HOG in coach lighting. There has been a reduction of 3645 kilo liters of Diesel in 2022-23, resulting in a saving of Rs 32.80 crore in railway revenue.
On this occasion, General Manager North Central Railway Shri Satish Kumar congratulated the team of all the electrical department for their commendable contribution. Under the guidance of Principal Chief Electrical Engineer Shri Anup Kumar Agrawal the team under Chief Electrical Engineer/Energy Management Shri M K Singh was instrumental in making it successful.

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