24.5 pc Voter Turnout Recorded Till 11am, Bengal leads

New Delhi, April 19 ,2024 : As per the Election Commission, there is over 24.5 per cent voter turnout recorded in four hours across 21 states and union territories on 102 Lok Sabha seats that are polling on Friday in the first
phase of the 2024 general elections. West Bengal where three seats of Cooch Behar, Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri are in fray recorded highest percentage of 33.6, followed by Tripura where on its one seat there was 33.3 per cent voting.
Next Meghalaya’s Shillong and Tura voted 31.7 per cent on an average till 11 am. Six seats of Madhya Pradesh accounted for 30.5 per cent voting in four hours after polling began at 7 am across all states. Assam (27.2), Manipur (27.6) and Puducherry (27.6) each voted over 27 per cent in the same time. Tackling Naxal terror, Chhattisgarh’s Bastar lok sabha seat recorded 28.1 per cent polling till 11 am. Uttar Pradesh with eight seats in the first phase and Mizoram on its single seat saw over 25 per cent voting. UP 25.2, and the northeastern state 25.9. While Uttarakhand saw 24.6 per cent polling, Tamil Nadu where all 39 constituencies are polling saw 23.7 per cent voting, while
Rajasthan saw 22.5 per cent polling on 12 seats. Nagaland was also at 22.5, followed by Sikkim 21.2 and Maharashtra 19.2. While Jammu and Kashmir was at 22.6 per cent. Four seats in Bihar saw just over 20 per cent polling, while Arunachal Pradesh saw 18 per centpolling for its parliamentary seats. The lowest was Lakshwadeep with 16 per cent voting till 11

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