Turkish Operations: Iraq Reveal PKK Militants Armed with US-Made Weapons

Ankara, Dec 28 The militants of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK, banned in Turkey as a terrorist organisation) that were neutralised by the Turkish armed forces in northern Iraq were armed with US-made carbines M4, the same weapon as used by the militants who attempted to attack the Turkish Interior Ministry building in October, Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak reported on Thursday. On Saturday night, six Turkish soldiers were killed in northern Iraq as a result of an armed attack by PKK militants. Six more soldiers died later in the day in attacks by Kurdish militants in the zone of Turkey’s Operation Claw-Lock in Iraq, forcing Turkey to launch another operation against the PKK. On Sunday morning, Turkey’s top military commanders arrived at the border with Iraq. M4 carbines were in service with many foreign troops and were also used by the PKK and its military wing, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units. The armed conflict between the PKK and Turkey began in 1984 and reignited in 2015. The organisation, which seeks the creation of an independent Kurdish state, including on Turkish territory, has established bases in Iraqi and Syrian territories close to the Turkish border, where the Turkish Armed Forces have been targeting them in land and air strikes.

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