Honour for Kayastha Youths Selected for Civil Services

New Delhi, 10 June, 2024 : Sangat-Pangat, a prominent organization of the Kayastha community, honored 15 Kayastha candidates who qualified for the Civil Services Examination 2024, along with their families. The felicitation ceremony, held at the India International Centre, saw the honoring of Riju Shrivastava, Harshit Shrivastava, Prakhar Kumar, Siddharth Shrivastav, Akash Shrivastav, Mayank Khare, Ritika Verma, Ayaush Shrivastav, Surabhi Srivastava, Ritika Verma, Shivangi Srivastava, Ananya Srivastava, Deepti Monali, and Aina Sinha.

Several current and former IAS and IPS officers were present at the ceremony. On the occasion, Mr. R. K. Sinha, President of Sangat-Pangat and Avsar Trust and former MP, stated that these youngsters have been selected for prestigious positions like IAS, IPS, and IFS. He emphasized that Sangat-Pangat is not a political party or organization but a campaign dedicated to the welfare of its community. He mentioned that they provide free education to meritorious children from underprivileged backgrounds through the Avsar Trust. Mr. Sinha expressed no doubt that these newly selected candidates have achieved this milestone through hard work, dedication, and determination. This event, he added, is a matter of pride and honor for all these individuals and their families.

Delivering the welcome address, former IPS officer Mr. Uday Sahay stated that one cannot fly high without being connected to their roots.

The chief guest of the event was former IAS Mr. U. K. Sinha. Other distinguished guests included Dr. Arun Kumar Saxena, Minister of Forests and Environment, Uttar Pradesh, IAS S.N. Sahay, Director-General of the Prime Minister’s Museum, former IPS officers Uday Sahay, Amod Kant, Mrs. Neera Shastri, and Mr. Chakrapani Maharaj.

On this occasion, the selected officers shared their experiences of their journey of struggle with the audience. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs. Ratna Sinha.

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