New Delhi, 10 June, 2024- Art is not a study of positive reality; it is the seeking for ideal truth John Ruskin.
Nupur Jha, an abstract visual artist, expresses a one-of-a-kind style that reflects a vivid interpretation of the world, speaking volumes without saying a word. It reveals its silence through its subtlety. Her choice of colors and diverse brushstrokes conceal many secrets, conveying emotions through feelings instead of words.
With those thoughts above is the Inauguration of her Solo Art Exhibition named Atrangi by Artist Nupur Jha, the opening will be on Tuesday 11th June 2024 at 6 P.M at the LTC Gallery, Bikaner House, Pandara Road, India Gate. The Exhibition will be on and open for public till 17th June 2024, Daily 11 A.M to 7 P.M. The Show is Curated by Shambhu Nath Goswami.
Her latest collection of abstract artwork is called Atrangi. She characterizes her art as a lively voyage of colors on the canvas that she merely observes. This adventure is exclusive to artists and art lovers, as it can be felt in their hearts, rather than seen with their eyes.
Her goal is her Artwork that enhances the aesthetic value of her patrons and enriches their lives. And she has developed an intricate bond with colors, patterns textures and adores abstract expressionism. She believes the colors remain behind the curtains of time.
Nupur believes Art is based on the fundamentals of cause & Effect. The cause of the art develops from the Artists inner quest and desire to express on well-being prosperity, and the feeling of admiration in the art owners
Art allows her to see how her perception of herself is being dispersed and how it becomes crucial to not hold on to any fixed perception. The initial color always decides of which color should come next. Surrendering therefore is art, she says.
For over a decade, her affair with creativity has been exhibited in so many galleries and exhibitions all over the India, like South Africa and the UAE where her work has been exhibited at various platforms. In addition, she had the honor of being featured in the India Art Biennale 2023.
Many of her artworks are proudly owned by Art Lovers in cities across the globe, including London, Dubai, and Johannesburg, among others.
Her interaction with diverse cultures has enriched her work and provides depth and subtlety to her Art.
Below attached as a Jpeg file is the list of shows done in the past and Artist profile is also attached separately. Also attached is a word file defining each art work.

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