Mallikarjun Kharge unveils “Abhaya Hastham” manifesto for Telangana Assembly Election

Hyderabad, November 17,2023 – AICC President Mallikarjun Kharge revealed the comprehensive 42-page Telangana Congress election manifesto titled “Abhaya Hastham” on Friday ahead of the upcoming November 30 assembly election. The unveiling ceremony, held in Hyderabad, witnessed the presence of key figures such as State Affairs Incharge Mani Rao Thackeray, TPCC President Revanth Reddy, CLP Leader Bhatti Vikramarka, Manifesto Committee Chairman Sridhar Babu, and other dignitaries.

Addressing the audience, Kharge pledged the implementation of the election manifesto, detailing that the Congress in Telangana commits to delivering six guarantees within the first 100 days if elected to power. Drawing a parallel with Karnataka’s five guarantees, Kharge emphasized that these promises would be enshrined in the inaugural cabinet meeting.

Kharge took a critical stance towards the BJP, criticizing its assessment of the BRS and highlighting the unusual lack of criticism between CM KCR and PM Modi. He suggested that the time had come for KCR to retire, emphasizing the necessity of his defeat.

The “Abhaya Hastham” manifesto encompasses a range of promises, including the abolition of ‘Dharani,’ the introduction of the ‘Bhu Mata’ portal, the establishment of a Land Commission to address land rights issues, financial aid for tenant farmers and agricultural laborers, and more.

The commitments extend to the agricultural sector, featuring a one-time crop loan waiver of Rs 2 lakh, interest-free loans up to Rs 3 lakh, comprehensive insurance for major crops, and 24-hour power supply for cultivation. Other pledges cover employee and pensioner benefits, a new PRC within six months, and special assistance for eligible young women during marriage.

The manifesto also addresses concerns such as an inquiry into corruption in the Kaleswaram project, implementation of reservations for SCs and STs in private sectors receiving government incentives, creation of 2 lakh government jobs, establishment of four IIITs, and revisions to the excise policy.

Additional commitments focus on financial support and job opportunities for Telangana martyr families, changes to the excise policy, prohibition of liquor shops near religious places and educational institutions, and housing benefits for SC and ST families.

TPCC President Revanth Reddy highlighted the significance of the election manifesto, likening it to sacred texts, and expressed confidence in fulfilling the aspirations of the Telangana statehood movement. He urged the public to give Congress the opportunity to express gratitude to Sonia Gandhi for granting separate statehood.

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