Karnataka Land Transfer Controversy: Siddaramaiah’s Wife in the Spotlight

Karnataka,2 July 2024

The BJP in Karnataka has accused the Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) of illegally allocating a prime piece of land to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s wife, Parvathi. Siddaramaiah has denied these allegations, asserting that the land was allocated under a scheme implemented by a previous BJP government. The scheme in question, known as the ’50:50 ratio’ scheme, was designed to compensate land losers by providing them with a quarter acre of developed land for each acre of undeveloped land acquired.

Siddaramaiah clarified that the land allocation took place during the BJP’s tenure and that MUDA had created and sold plots from his wife’s land, effectively depriving her of the initial property. In response to these allegations and a report by a vernacular daily suggesting a large-scale scam, the Karnataka government has ordered an inquiry. Commissioner of Urban Authorities Venkatachalapathy R. is leading the investigation, which is expected to deliver a report within 15 days.

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